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Brooklyn Bread Club is co-owned and operated by life partners, Laura Huss and Patrick Shaw-Kitch. They both bring talented backgrounds and unique skills to the business, including creating and perfecting recipes together. Patrick’s background as a baker and pastry chef is what brings their ideas to life:

The Baker: Patrick
I started working in the food industry at a young age as a dishwasher. I was immediately mesmerized by the energy, people, and pace in the kitchen. I then moved in and out of various kitchen roles, but the first time I saw a talented pastry chef in action I was uniquely drawn to what she was doing. In order to shadow her work I was given the honor of washing her spatulas before my shifts. The attention to detail, the organization, and the precision drew me towards baking. My next step was essentially begging my way into working at Columbia City Bakery, a Seattle institution with multiple James Beard Award nominations. The first few months there were a blur. Everything, the mixing, scaling, forming, decorating, and proofing, were all so new, different, and overwhelming. I learned more than I can articulate from that experience and it provided me with a firm foundation in pastry. My career and passion catapulted from there. I eventually planted roots in Brooklyn where I have worked for years now in well-renowned Brooklyn bakeries and cafes, namely as Head Baker at Bien Cuit and Executive Chef at Bklyn Larder.

I walked out of Columbia City Bakery with one key ingrained lesson: just because you made something great today doesn’t mean there’s not a way to make it even better tomorrow. This lesson brought me to stone ground, local flour.

With stone ground flour I am pushed towards better flavor and better nutrition. Baking with stone ground flour felt, to a certain extent, like returning to the beginning of my training because every aspect is different from commercial flour – from how they are mixed, formed, baked, and taste. The end result, however, is truly amazing and further pushes us to change the way we think about bread and its components. I’m determined to keep experimenting with local, stone ground grains in my baking while applying the same detail and precision to the bread that I first learned in creating pastries.

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